THE OLIVE,ancient wisdom and peace tree, has been adopted by the human race as a source of wealth and food for millennia. Olivo history rooted in time to the very origin of agriculture in the early civilizations of the Mediterranean and the Near East .

All olive oil production is mainly extracted four classes of oils:
The Extra Virgin Olive Oil: This is the highest quality, without Overcoming 0`8 degrees of acidity.
The Virgin Olive Oil: Having acidity maximum of 2 degrees, and less than Extra Virgin by its acidity.
The Olive Oil:: the one that results Search Blend refined oils not meeting Extra Virgin qualities or degrees of acidity and did not exceed 1.5 degrees.
The Pomace Olive Oil: It's one that is removed from the final pulp grinding in a chemical process And outside the categories for human consumption, there are the "Lampante Oils" are whose use of Industrial Use. Olive oil extra virgin is used primarily for human consumption and among many Qualities, it prevents arthritis, regulates body weight, it is against carcinogen, is inmune also regulates cholesterol and is a good driver of coronary risks. Other very important properties are its antioxidant, the flavonoids and polifenoles.

El Olivo has been narrated by historians and sung by poets, for example "GarcĂ­a Lorca" Saying:

The Field
of Olives
It opens and closes
As a fan
On the olive grove
A sunken sky
And a dark and rain
of cold bright star.

Using constancy Olive Oil has from ancient civilizations, as in the Egyptian, although their use generic development in Greece and throughout the Mediterranean. His great expansion it was during the Roman period and: In addition, the most appreciated Produced in the Iberian Peninsula