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INMARA DELFIN dedicated to the export of Virgin Olive Oil extra Designation of Origin, is the product offer by this society, being the “Produced Mayor excellence in Andalusia” and tested by the Qualification Committee designation of origin and qualities and inserted into the rules of the European Economic Community 1019/2002.

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Pedro Ximénez, Córdoba


Pedro Ximénez, Córdoba

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The olive oil extra virgen qualities

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive oil is an absolute must in our kitchens. After a careful and delicate selection and pressing process of its olives, the unmistakable flavour and fruity aroma differenciate it from any other olive oils.

The best container for preserving the olive oil

Our olive oil is preserved special in metal cans that guarantee complete darkness in the interior, to keep all its essential qualities, and so that neither flavour nor aroma are transfered to the product. This is the most highly recommended format for preservation.

Nutritional value and health benefits of the olive oil

There are numerous nutritional and health benefits to consuming olive oil, which make our product, not only tasty but also extremely good for you.

What is the nutritional value and its health benefits?

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