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About us

INMARA DELFIN is a Limited Society Company dedicated to exporting Extra Virgin Olive Oil PDO products (Protected Designation of Origin). It has been qualified as of the ´upmost excellence produced in Andalusia¨. It has been tested by the Qualification Committee Designation of Origin and Quality as part of the European Economic Community 1019/2002 rules.

Subbética Cordoba is a region where the high quality “El Oro Verde” (¨Green Liquid Gold¨) its produced in the Iberian Peninsula, and where its Designation of Origin has been awarded many times throughout Europe.

It is known that Olive Oil use dates back to ancient civilizations (the Egyptians for instance), although its generic use was developed in Greece and throughout the Mediterranean territories. It greatly expanded during the Roman period and indeed the most appreciated oil was the one produced in the Iberian Peninsula.

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